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Radio Khushi- upgraded the time limit from 8 to 12 hours & further Aims at increasing it on demand of the listeners & Community around.

The Vision & Action together has brought us to a Level where it’s just Growing in the hearts of the masses & leaving a mark, with every passing moment... & belief in ‘taking Action in what it preaches..’


Successful in incorporating BANN on Polythene through Rally’s & Campaign.
Motivating people for voluntary Blood donation
Radio Khushi club has been regularly giving a helping hand to the under-privileged students in their studies...
Young RJs of GNFCS become competent in Public Speaking & get chance to explore their creativity.

The Success story.....

Being an Educational Institute, Radio Khushi 90.4 was started by the Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School society with the Aim to encourage & inculcate the importance of Education amongst the masses in this region of Uttarakhand. Keeping the aim in sight..., The entire team of the Radio station that includes the young energetic students of Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School .., have been incorporating the required Practice to make their listeners aware of the importance of Education through their most inspiring series of Shows “Jiyo Zindagi Bindaas...!!” highlighting the importance of basic education ,i.e., ‘Prathmik shiksha’.....  Not just in a monotonous way of spreading the mantra of GYAAN but, mixing it up with infotainment & the examples based on the day-to day realities....

The series covers.., Primarily ‘Prathmik Shiksha...’ followed by ‘the importance of Girl child Education’.... Not just this, but Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School initiated to put the above into practice & started a Radio Khushi 90.4 FM club in Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School...., that was not just confined to the Radio station but, in actual , takes Pride in ‘taking Action in what it preaches..’ through it’s Radio station. The Radio Khushi 90.4 FM club, has been regularly giving a helping hand to the under-privileged students in their studies...

A Year back on the 16th of April’2010.., when Radio Khushi started with a Broadcasting time limit of 4 hours, it has today managed to upgrade the time limit to 12 hours & further Aims at increasing it.

The Vision & Action together has brought Radio Khushi to a Level where it’s just Growing in the hearts of the masses & leaving a mark, with every passing moment... How......!?? Radio Khushi’s belief in taking action on what it Preaches...., .ie., It involved the Local Community around by means of talk shows & shared their Views on Social awareness issues on a Broader spectrum through the strength of it’s Media... It has also, taken pride in being associated with local organizations for spreading social awareness, be it Health related, Environment related or Education related issues, through the media of Radio or, in actual participating in such events organized by the Social bodies or, by Radio Khushi itself. Working on the feedbacks it has been constantly getting from it’s listener base in Mussoorie & Dehradun via, sms & phone calls, Radio Khushi has,   brought itself to a level where now, People of the Community around including the listeners, have also started initiating in participating & believing in our Motto.... “For the People & By the People...!” Today, Radio Khushi has become the Voice of the People.., only but, to make our community .., our world.., a better place to live in.....

With it’s unique style & presentation, Radio Khushi 90.4 FM, grows to spread it’s wings of Gyaan in & around this region of Uttarakhand, so much so, that it has attracted Media coverage from every top News channel of Uttarakhand viz-a-viz, E-tv, Sadhna Channel, Jain TV, including  the Print Media like Times of India, Garhwal Post, i-Next, Amar Ujala, Mussoorie Times, Himachal Times.

A successful Project of the Success Story.....!!

Realizing the Adversities of Global Warming & Pollution affecting the Environment across the Globe, Radio Khushi 90.4 FM made it’s Difference to the Environment.., by doing it’s Bit...!! again How...!!?? Well., Radio Khushi 90.4 FM Participated in full swing & played a vital Role in incorporating the ‘BANN’ on Plastics in Mussoorie & make it a Totally Plastic Free Zone, with an initiative taken by a Social service club of Mussoorie in Partnership with Local Municipal Corporation of Mussoorie.

Radio Khushi’s Role: It Participated in the Rally’s organized with the Aim to stop the usage of Polythene in the Region of Mussoorie, that is a Big threat to the Environment & Beauty of the City & make  it a Beautiful.., Healthy Environment to live in. Through the Strength of it’s wide spread Media coverage, Radio Khushi focused on shows like “Save the Soul of Purity...!” , “Mussoorie as I see it...!!” including short Public service messages like, ‘save the environment’ & ‘polythene hattao.., paryavaran bachao...!’ from the students of Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School as well as, local Community People.

Looking at the above mentioned achievement, Radio Khushi has now, initiated & started two other major campaigns, ‘Paani bachao...’ and ‘save tree...’ For.., this Hilly Region of Uttarakhand faces major problem of water supply & is also, losing it’s natural beauty by decreasing Greenery.

With it’s unique blend of entertainment & information..., Radio khushi gained much Popularity through it’s series of shows “Aao Jeelein zara...!!” (now been running for over 3 months) conceptualized on motivating & encouraging people for Voluntary Blood Donation.

Exploring & Encouraging New Talent:  Radio Khushi has been exploring & promoting new Talent amongst the youth in the region & providing them a Platform to showcase their talent.

As Talent speaks.., Radio Khushi 90.4 FM takes Pride in showcasing the young Talent that is attached to it... the Young enthusiastic RJ’s from Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School who in their own unique style present the shows, Public service messages, short meaning full poetries have added a different flavour to Radio Khushi 90.4 FM.... Flavours that speak different languages.... & present different shades of Indian Culture..... Keeping in mind..., “Unity in Diversity.....!!”

We hope to further entertain people through Infotainment......!! so keep listening to Radio Khushi 90.4 FM aur, “Gun-gunate Raho....!!”