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General Policy

General Policy

We at G.N.F.C.S. not only provide its students a good education but also impart moral values. It keeps them rooted and in constant touch with God Almighty through daily prayers and Gurbani Sangeet.

The children are provided with warmth and love which draws them back to school, years after they have passed out. They cherish the time they spent in the school and have fond memories with them for the rest of their lives.

A home away from home that’s what G.N.F.C.S. promises. Students come here to learn and go out to serve.


Gurbani Sangeet

Interhouse Gurbani Sangeet Competition

Gurbani Sangeet

Founder Chairman S. Mehtab Singh Ji set a tradition for GNFCS students that they will learn Shabad Kirtan with enthusiasm and present their skills on Interhouse Gurbani Sangeet Competition like a Kirtan Darbar.