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Education reveals that the world is not an illusion, rather meaningful and real

Chairman S. Jaspal Singh
Chairman, Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary Schools Society

In its 46th year journey in the field of education Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary Schools have encountered several movements for change. These have been envisioned enthusiastically. It has always been our endeavour to make education more meaningful; child friendly and relevant, especially in the light of the latest research carried out in the methodology of teaching

and programmed learning to boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 18 years.

A lot is being said about the vision for the future of education. Right to education act promises education for every child despite of caste, creed, religion, gender and other differences. Education for citizenship - should develop individuals who are responsible to themselves, to their society and their nation. Education should be a means of empowerment and should provide opportunities to children. The media by which schools can become empowering agents are technology and language.

In both the schools Vincent Hill (boys) and Shangri-la (girls) most is already happening. The Schools are well equipped with resource centres, a school self developed e-learning programme, and smart classrooms. Radio Khushi 90.4 F.M. a community radio station is a new addition. The facility is unique and a host of added opportunities are open to the children. To hear our tiny tots broadcasting their message and views swells the heart. The multimedia room is a very active and lively centre where children with laptops flock to quench their thirst. The odyssey of quest has begun and it is for the staff and children to keep it going.

Most well established schools inculcate academic excellence, personality development, character building and several other facets of education in grooming the boys and girls. Inspite of value education being the pivot of most institutions the same is not reflected in the youth of today referred to as "Youngistan". It is a generation that possesses innovative qualities, power of knowledge and are technologically sound, yet, balance in life is missing. They may possess the moon but lack contentment. Schools need to walk that extra mile to imbibe the traditional values of spiritual education to develop a balanced human being. It is an enormous task for the educationists and teachers. The process is never ending which can only be achieved when adults are true role models.


It is my vision that Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School shall be 'Centres of Excellence', spreading the glow of knowledge within and all around.


Jaspal Singh, Chairman

Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary Schools Society




Gurbani Sangeet

Interhouse Gurbani Sangeet Competition

Gurbani Sangeet

Founder Chairman S. Mehtab Singh Ji set a tradition for GNFCS students that they will learn Shabad Kirtan with enthusiasm and present their skills on Interhouse Gurbani Sangeet Competition like a Kirtan Darbar.