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42nd Founder’s Day Celebrations

Chairman S.Jaspal Singh Ji with Chief Guest
Brigadier Harjit Singh (Retd.) former Chairman, Railway Recruitment Board on the occasion.
Chairman S. Jaspal Singh ji,Vice Chairperson Mrs. Amrit Kaur Sabharwal, Mr. MP Singh and the members of the Managing committee. The Principal Mrs. N.D. Sawhney and Headmaster Mr. A. Tewari, as well as Administrative Officer Mr. Sunil Bakshi
The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University Along with Chairman S. Jaspal Singh
English Play

Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School celebrated the 42nd Founders’ Day with fervour and gaiety. The occasion was graced by the Chairman S. Jaspal Singh ji, Vice Chairperson Mrs. Amrit Kaur Sabharwal and the members of the Managing committee. The Principal Mrs. N.D. Sawhney and Headmaster Mr. A. Tewari, as well as Administrative Officer Mr. Sunil Bakshi welcomed the Chief Guest


Brigadier Harjit Singh (Retd.) former Chairman, Railway Recruitment Board on the occasion.

The Chief Guest unfurled the school flag which was followed by a guard of honour by the NCC cadets of the school. The programme began with a ‘Field Shabad’.

On the occasion the management, staff, parents and alumni were also present. On the second day the students enthralled the audience with the performance befitting the occasion. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University. Mrs. N.D.Sawhney presented the annual report highlighting the achievements in academics and sports.

The Centonians displayed their talent by presenting hilarious English plays. The display by the Pipe Bands of both schools (Vincent Hill and Shangri-la) stole the show. A choreographed musical display depicting the sentiments on world peace was the highlight of the day.The students dressed in colourful costumes synchronized perfectly to the background music. The day concluded with an exhibition held at the hall where the school showcased different projects in art, science and social studies. The Chief Guest, Harjit Singh appreciated the events performed on that day.

The Hindi skit also gained popularity titled- “Natak Jo Pura na ho Saka”. The students presented Punjabi folk dance Bhangra and Gidda. The Chief Guest, Dr. Jaspal Singh speaking on the occasion said that education should be able to create a generation which is able to invent or discover new things in future. Elaborating further he said instead of repeating what had happened in the past, the purpose of education should be to create people who have vision and wisdom. He was of the view that with the advent of vast number of equipment available, it was easy to acquire any information but the need was to transform that information into knowledge and ultimately into wisdom so that students can have a bright future.

He further added that students should have curiosity for knowing what one does not know and process should start at an early age and carry on lifelong. The Chief Guest also highlighted the importance of religion in one’s life stressed on the point that whatever the community possessed was just the extension of what Guru Nanak preached or did during his

lifetime. “Guru Nanak Devji preached about oneness of God which still exists in the Guru Granth Sahib but people have forgotten these preaching thus leading to misery”. Dr. Jaspal Singh also emphasized that the school should take lead in promoting preachings of Guru Nanak and especially in context of his “Udasis” (Travels of Guru Nanak) as the message of Universal Brotherhood- the need of the hour.



Shangri-la Campus

Book Fair

Book Fair
Book Fair at GNFCS Girls Campus






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River Rafting

Gurbani Sangeet

Interhouse Gurbani Sangeet Competition

Gurbani Sangeet

Founder Chairman S. Mehtab Singh Ji set a tradition for GNFCS students that they will learn Shabad Kirtan with enthusiasm and present their skills on Interhouse Gurbani Sangeet Competition like a Kirtan Darbar.