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20140905 093611-reTEACHER'S DAY

It goes without saying that 5th September, 2014 'Teacher's day 'is the most awaited event for all students and teachers too. All children, in every school, in every nook corner prepare to celebrate the occasion. It's just the day to express their gratitude and love for mentors.

Opportunity could not be missed hence this year too as always students at GNFCS marked the occasion by putting up a special programme.

It was around 9.00 a.m when the teachers entered the assembly hall wearing blazers as students and students as teachers. Each one tried to identify himself with the teacher he played, roles were replaced. Teachers sang the Shabad, read the funny news, came up with some hilarious definitions and recited poems. Assembly was followed by a short programme comprising short moral skits depicting Guru Shishya relationship and some dance performances. It would have been incomplete without a tribute to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. A speech was delivered reminding us of his contribution and the importance of teacher's day. This was followed by the cake-cutting and then a football match teachers vs students was held. The teachers and students together enjoyed a sumptuous lunch.

At around 3.00 p.m all returned to the assembly hall where arrangements were made to witness the live telecast, wherein Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi via video conferencing was to address and reply to the questions put up by by students from all over India. During the 90 minutes interaction he talked about the importance of educating the girl child, about cleanliness and providing basic amenities in schools. He expressed his dream of 'Digital India' i.e. use of technology is teaching. He showed his concern about lack of teachers, in fact urged all educated people whether engineers or doctors to take up one class a week in a nearby school. He defined himself as a 'task master' who believes that there is no substitute for hard work, recalling his childhood. He stressed on the inculcation of the reading habits and shared experiences about school in Japan. He concluded finally stating that politics is not a profession but a service.

All in the assembly hall had watched the telecast spell bound, and I believe it would be same elsewhere. Thanks to the media. Finally after the enjoyable morning and interactive afternoon all dispersed. 5th September, 2014 another Teacher's Day went down into the pages of history.

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